ABRSM Exams, 2nd Session 2015

Congratulations to the students who entered the 2nd ABRSM exam session. Out of 49 entries, 27 students achieved a merit and 18 achieved a distinction.  The students who scored distinctions are as follows:


Georgiana Dorward (Elsabe Pretorius) – Grade 1 (Flute)

Bernadette Goemans (Tamara Rennie) – Grade 1 (Violin)

Oliver Boje (Frances Brand) – Grade 2 (Clarinet)

Kiana Christodoulides (Elsabe Pretorius) – Grade 2 (Flute)

Aviwe Ndamane (Maya Maile) – Grade 2 (Cello)

Tina Hlwatika (Maya Maile) – Grade 2 (Cello)

Kezra Cairns (Petra Hofmeyr) – Grade 3 (Violin)

Julia Fortes (Derek Fennell) – Grade 3 (Flute)

Mikael Christodoulides (Merlin McDonald) – Grade 4 (Trumpet)

Chloe Longman (Carla van der Merwe) – Grade 4 (Clarinet)

Chelse Roberts (Derek Fennell) – Grade 4 (Flute)

Hyeon Woo Lee (Anne-Marie Swanepoel) – Grade 4 (Violin)

Aiseah Ramos (Sandra Kettle-Loubser) – Grade 5 (Piano)

Dana Cranko (Dorothy Holder) – Grade 5 (Bass)

Sarah Cranko (Marina Louw) – Grade 6 (Violin)

Art Wynberg (Frances Brand) – Grade 7 (Clarinet)

Kirsten Buchanan (Marina Louw) – Grade 8 (Violin)

Stephanie Lawrenson (Marina Louw) – Grade 8 (Violin)




The 2014 winner of this prestigious prize at Beau Soleil is violinist Jené-Naomi Thomas, a student of Marina Louw. The other participants were Miguel Pereira (clarinet) and Matthew Poulter (trombone).

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