Trinity 3rd Session 2019

Congratulations to the following students and their teachers who achieved Distinctions in the 3rd session of the Trinity practical exams.

Matthew Welby-Solomon (David West) – Grade 1 Drum kit

Matthew Welby-Solomon (David West) – Grade 1 Percussion

Sarah Clarke (David West) – Grade 1 Drum kit

Cameron Whitfield (John Rojas) - Grade 2 Clarinet

Carys Gates (David West) – Grade 3 Drum kit

Tanatswa Pepukai (David West) – Grade 4 Drum kit

Rachael-Anne Felix (Marga Smith) – Grade 4 Piano

Daniel Reuter (David West) – Grade 5 Drum kit

Joshua van Rensburg (David West) – Grade 5 Drum kit

Chelse Roberts (Derek Fennell) – Grade 6 Flute

Emily-Jane Stevens (Derek Fennell) – Grade 6 Flute

Isaac van der Merwe (Maya Maile) – Grade 7 Cello

Liam Buck (David West) – Grade 7 Drum kit