Sandra Kettle-Loubser

Subject Music & Piano

Sandra Kettle-Loubser is the full time accompanist at the music centre and accompanies the students for their subject and internal exams and the external exams in the form of Royal Schools of Music, Trinity College, London exams and UNISA music practical exams.

Wednesday afternoon concerts are organised for the students where they receive professional piano accompaniment on these concerts. Staff recitals are organised in this department and are put on once a term on Wednesday early evenings at 18h00.

Beau Soleil is fortunate to have a full-time professional accompanist to assist the students as it is the only musiccentre in the country to have this facility (which helps both parent and student alike).


The WCED’s prime objective is to educate children and for us, that is the business of music education. This key role is played out in the music centre in the form of preparing students for the practical component of their music subject. Beau Soleil is NOT an examination centre, so we work in collaboration with the schools that offer music as a subject.

We prepare the student for the practical exam and the grade 10-12 students are entitled to one 45 min lesson a week. All WCED subject criteria are met and the students constantly perform in the subject exams at a much higher level than is required by the WCED.
Sandra Kettle-Loubser oversees the administration and running of this department and deals directly with all enquiries from parents.


Although Beau Soleil is a centre for teaching of orchestral instruments, a small piano department has been built up in the hope of bringing more students into the centre and to expand on the teaching of “other instruments”.
The piano student receives a half-hour piano lesson from a highly trained piano teacher and is required to play internal tests and prepare for the Wednesday concerts (when required). Piano students are encouraged to work towards taking the instrument as part of the subject curriculum for their respective Matric exam.