Our Programmes



Beau Soleil offers tuition on all the instruments of the orchestra, namely flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, double bass, trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium, tuba and percussion. A number of these instruments are available for hire for a limited period. Tuition is also offered on the Piano and Guitar.

Subject music as per the WCED requirements is offered at the Music Centre for both GET and FET phases.
GET (grade 8 and 9) pupils are given a theory lesson each week (½ hour) in addition to their practical lesson.
FET (grades 10-12) pupils receive a General Music Knowledge lesson (one hour) and a Music Literacy lesson (one hour) each week in addition to their practical lesson.



Places are allocated on merit and according to the needs of our ensemble programme. A limited number of places are available for each instrument.

Woodwind and Brass instruments: Depending on the child, the ideal age for starting is between 10 and 14 years. A front
set of adult teeth is essential. Those wearing braces will sometimes experience problems with brass instruments as well as
flute; it is strongly recommended that they begin tuition after the orthodontic work has been completed.

String instruments: Beginner string players may, in principal, start tuition in Grade 1; more commonly, however, pupils
would be accepted from Grade 2 onwards.

Percussion: Pupils may start in Grade 3 or 4.

Ensembles: A vital aspect of instrumental tuition is ensemble experience. It is therefore a requirement that all Beau Soleil pupils play in an ensemble as soon as they are ready. Performances are given every term. Pupils studying at school or privately may audition to join one of the Beau Soleil string orchestras or wind bands.




Tuition: Individual tuition coupled with Ensemble Training. New pupils are usually enrolled in October each year, but also during the year when vacancies occur. Parents who wish to enrol a child for tuition should submit a completed application form to the secretary. The screening process includes the following:
An interview with the relevant Department Head will be scheduled, in which the candidate plays a piece on his / her present
instrument. The choice of instrument will be discussed and the child will be assisted in making a decision.


Ensemble Training only:  Pupils who are not studying at Beau Soleil but who would like to participate in a Beau Soleil Ensemble should also complete an application form.  An audition will be arranged through the relevant Head of Department.