The Beau Soleil Music for Africa Trust raises money to fund these Development Projects.

Westlake Strings Project

Westlake Primary School espouses the ideal that good education is the key to the advancement of the Westlake Community where this school is situated, especially considering that access to good schools has been problematic and expensive for this community. The journey started about 11 years ago when the education department collaborated with private stakeholders to have the school built.

The school has successfully integrated learners into multicultural classrooms, since many of the learners are from many different parts from all over the African continent. The philosophy of tolerance and the African spirit of Ubuntu are hallmarks of Westlake Primary’s vigorous ideal to stem xenophobia and embrace the notion of being the world’s leading Rainbow nation.

A teacher at Westlake Primary, Funeka Ndabeni (nee Masiza), was a member of Ifidyoli’s founder group in 1999 and she approached Kathleen Garrity about the possibility of a String project at the school. In August this year the Westlake String Project was started and every Friday 15 learners have been transported by taxi to Beau Soleil for their classes.

BSMAT/Ifidyoli Management Team

BSMAT/Ifidyoli Project Management Team

Sarah Evans, Siyathemba Nteta, Fiona Grayer