Woodwind Department

The Beau Soleil Woodwind Department offers students the exceptional opportunity to study with nationally known teachers specializing in the full complement of Woodwind instruments, including flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone. Students can expect individual attention, high standards and a supportive learning environment. Our students work with a professional accompanist on repertoire throughout the year and have a wide range of opportunities to perform.

Each student is challenged to develop his or her own musicianship to the highest degree while following individual goals. Wind ensembles, stage band, chamber music opportunities and master classes with guest artists broaden the musical boundaries for woodwind students at Beau Soleil.
Beau Soleil’s reputation for excellence attracts students from around the Peninsula, enhancing the overall educational experience of music students.

Bassoon Master Class

Lecolion Washington Bassoon Master Class

Highly acclaimed bassoon virtuoso Lecolion Washington based in America visited Cape Town recently. Beau Soleil bassoon students took part in his master class and came away inspired and excited how Lecolion was able to transform their playing. Along with humor Lecolion was always supportive and encouraging. Near the end a power cut came as the Beau Soleil bassoon quartet was playing. Thankfully, torches were found and used to illuminate the music for the performers.

Saxophone Quartet

The highly acclaimed Connections Saxophone Quartet based in Paris, France visited Cape Town recently and gave a master class and evening recital at Hugo
Lambrechts Music Centre. Students and saxophone quartets coached by Cécile Dubois and Paul Richard offered musical insights as well as providing solutions to
problems related to embouchure, tone and technique. One could hear immediate improvement in the performer’s playing.  The evening recital by the Connections
Saxophone Quartet showed the versatility of the group while playing with requisite rich color. Everyone came away inspired and impressed.

Derek Fennell

Head of the Woodwind Department 


Student Feature

Joshua Atwood-Palm is a grade 12 learner who specializes in saxophone and oboe. He has his own saxophone quartet at SACS and is active giving concerts around town. Joshua hopes to study overseas after he completes his final exams.